Because T.S. Lewis’s The Wasteland is such a complex, and sometimes almost vague piece, the way each reader interprets the poem is unique. This is what I think Lewis meant when he said that we have the same interpretive rights as the author. To me this poem is solemn, it’s about the harsh reality of both his personal life and the world around him. I feel he is disgusted. In the first stanza he seems distraught that a midst all these horrible instances, like the war and flu outbreak, the world has the audacity to go on breeding and blooming like all the dead are to be forgotten. One great article I found said that “The Waste Land recognized that the traditional notions of society and culture had been, literally and physically, blown apart. He speaks of the comfort of winter like it masked the dreadful reality beneath by cover all in white. But now that the snow has melted it’s reviewed the ugly truth beneath it, theres is nothing to cover the graves and destruction that has been done.



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