Breaking it Down

I thoroughly enjoy the idea of breaking apart pieces of literature to create something new, because its like recycling someone else’s creation. It’s interesting how words work in a way that can be rearranged into endless meanings. Using the words available to me in this poem by Emily Dickinson, I chose to create a Haiku. Because of the recent change in weather, I found it rather fitting.

Winter Oppresses
Shadows the landscape like death
Tis heavenly when it goes


8 thoughts on “Breaking it Down

    1. Thanks Carrie! What I really love about Haiku is that they force you to really think about what you want to say since you have limited words available. You sort of have to cut out all the junk to only leave what is absolutely necessary.

  1. I love haiku’s! You managed to create a very powerful one with these few phrases, and it’s admirably coherent, too. I love that no matter how we all broke this down there’s still a wealth of meaning and poetry in any arrangement.

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