Zampano’s Apartment

Zampano's Apartment

For my “House of Leaves” artifact I found a great app on my Ipad for creating collages. With it, I created a photo of what I imagined Zampano’s apartment looked like. I liked that I was able to make it look like I created the image with magazine clippings because it made it appear more raw; which helps when trying to portray a grimy apartment.


16 thoughts on “Zampano’s Apartment

      1. Wow, now that I’m on my computer I can see how badly I mucked up your comments by posting from my phone! You are most certainly NOT Vone, Rachel, haha. This is what I get for staying up half the night working on the House of Leaves project for next week….

  1. This is a neat and colorful version of Zampano’s apartment. The colors really do pop. Something subtle, but that really stood out to me, are the “scratches” on the floor. Is that a reference to the creature/monster/thing in the house?

  2. I think what I like the most about this portrait of Zampano’s apartment is the way it plays between two- and three-dimensionality. The portrait wants to escape its own boundaries, even as HoL does as a novel. You have not only created something “accurate” to the “real” Zampano’s apartment, but also something that mimics the nature of the book itself. I can see that it’s not real, and yet it’s made up of component parts that are real (or are they?), and that distort my sense of perspective when I look on them. Love love love!

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