This is madness.0.2.

          Is this madness? Madness this is.

      His tis madness.deiFied. Tis his ma

    dness? This is madness.wont i panic in

  A pit now?Is this madness? Madness this is.

 His tis madness.                Tis his madness?

This endorphins?                         won’t Lovers

revolt now?                          phenylethylamine

Madness this is.                          His tis  madness.

Norepinephrine.                           This is  madness

ThisDraw, O               coward. Is this madness?

Madness this is.                      His tis madness. Tis h

is this madness?                      deLeveled. 

OxytocinL_ _ _                    testosterone

evItativemad                                   ne

Is this madNess? 

Tis his madness?

DA Gag: 1,2





6 thoughts on “

  1. Really enjoy this piece. I love that you begin with a statement that then echoes (almost literally) throughout the text, calling back to me as I say it in my mind, but in broken ways, incomplete ways. And by the time I hit “won’ t i panic in A pit now?”, I’m pretty much ready to panic. How do I read this? Where do I begin and end? There’s a way in which not beginning and not ending are exactly the point: to just be with the text, to let it worm into you.
    The shape of the text itself is unnerving, too. Almost a letter, almost animal-like, I can’t be sure what I’m looking at, even as it draws me to investigate further.
    I’d say this a great addition to HoL!

  2. I learned something new today: Thanks for explaining “palindromes”! I think your poem was super creative and I envy your talent. I also liked your narrative on drawing your inspiration from Johnny’s mother’s letters. My favorite part of your poem was the use of “evitative”. Nice job!

  3. Great use of palindromes, and in capturing the puzzling nature of HoL. This is such a creative project, and I had so much fun clicking on your hyperlinks.

  4. Oh this is lovely! I had to stop on the link “bridge” you created on the u-turn arrow. The Gandhi quote is perfect! You really have a knack for the art of poetry! Very cool, Rachel!

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