7 thoughts on “Comic

  1. Cute, Rachel. I like how you, Carrie, and Megan created a comic juxtaposing hand-drawn cartoons to real picture settings. It nicely mirrors the print versus digital debate.

  2. Fun idea Rachel! I love that you drew your own characters – it isn’t too much of a stretch to see a face on an iPad, especially given the personal connection people have with them. I know that I would freak out if someone came near mine with a baseball bat. 🙂 I have to admit that a very large part of me loves the idea of saving the trees, but the idea of having digital replace print entirely kind of hurts my feelings. I love my iPad, but I have a strong personal connection to books that just isn’t the same in digital form.

  3. Very cool, Rachel! I am loving the photo background in its fuzziness. I think your comic is very lovely just to look at! This issue really makes me question the definition of “book,” and the future of libraries.

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