Final Project

Inspired by the film Helvetica, I’ve decided to create my own font via the app “IFontMaker” for my final project. Ive decided to create something with an asian calligraphy feel, because thats something I’m drawn toward; but since this just the brainstorming stage thats subject to change. Ive learned from mu research that this is called a “Humanist” typeface (sort of fits with digital humanities I think). Its a bit nerve racking for me since my perfectionism will probably make this project soak up a lot of time, but Im none the less excited. I’d say the outline for my project would be ” to create an original font of the complete alphabet (perhaps even some symbols) and showcase it in a unique and interesting way.” Here is an example of what the program looks like and my current creation on “A.”



8 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. What a neat and fun idea, Rachel. Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see the final product. You said that you were inspired by the film, Helvetica (as am I in my final project), but it’d also be interesting to see you link your fonts to another one of the literary works we’ve read or examined this term. Imagine doing it to House of Leaves! That would be insane!

  2. OOoohhh!!! I always wanted to do that! Your font is LOVELY! I’m really in awe of it! How neat! What’s your font’s personality? What kind of music does it like? Helvetica’s agent wrote me to see if your font would like to exchange info..? Maybe grab a latte and see what they look like in lowercase? 😉

  3. Reblogged this on MegHarrison and commented:
    This term has been brutal for me. I am taking the most challenging classes I have ever taken, with the most brilliant and exciting teachers I have ever had the privilege of learning from. I bring this up not to complain (or to brown-nose) but simply to say that I have been a little bit behind in commenting on my cohorteers (hey if there can be musketeers, there can sure be cohorteers) blogs. So for my blog post today, I am going to re-blog a brilliant idea for a final project that Rachel Blume has come up with. I have been so impressed with her ideas this term, and also the way that she contemplates everything deeply and comes up with something that would never have crossed my mind. In short she is brilliant, so please read her project idea (and give feedback!) and visit her blog. Thank you for challenging me this term Rachel, I am so glad we get to work together!

  4. You are a total BADASS for taking on typeface creation! I definitely couldn’t do it. Just seeing the pic you sent Jesse on twitter about the ‘A’ being bigger on the inside had my brain buzzing! Super excited to see what you do with it!

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