Here is my video I created showcasing my original font that was inspired by the novel “House of Leaves.” Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Viscera

  1. Rachel – each font is so distinctive, creative, and beautifully mirrors House of Leaves. My favorite letter is Q. Its composition and the dripping liquid (?) is so evocative and visceral. And what’s amazing is that I could take each letter and make a story out of them. Some of the broken letters can represent dysfunction or a fragmented life. And don’t even get me started on Q. This video can be its own essay!

    I like that the lower case letters are hollow and harder to read because it parallels HoL’s dark theme and obscure nature (and ominous hallway). And with Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” you created a sublime and mysterious experience that is all at once spooky and beautiful. Great job! 😀

  2. Wow. This is so lovely. I find this at once melancholy, frightening, and wondrous. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this video with folks far and wide. By the way, will WordPress let you write a blog post in your font?

    1. Yay! Did you see the “U” I saved it special, I hope everyone gets it :/ Feel free to share with whomever you like! No I could not get WordPress to let me use it which was a real bummer, perhaps there is some way but its beyond my capabilities I was really hoping to make the title in Viscera. Thankfully my husband was here to help with downloading my font onto my computer so now I can use it in any of my programs (like Word or Photoshop which is what I used for this).

  3. This is fantastic, Rach! My favorite letter is “G”, I love how by flipping it and incorporating the arrow you almost give it a kind of motion, and this is the same with the letters that are bigger on the inside than out, their depth seems to give them life. Juxtaposing this with the hollowed out lowercase letters works really well, and I could read the font just as easily as any other, but with added dimensions. I am super impressed, and I love the “not for you” – U!

    A for using it on your blog, as far as I know the only way to do it would be to upgrade your to a pro account, which lets you adjust things like font and layout more in depth, though I don’t know even from there if you’d be able to upload your own font (is it in a .tiff file?). You can, though, copy and paste the letters into photoshop and create images of words that you can then set as your background (this is more for an overall blog title). Hope that helps!

    Awesome project!

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