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What’s Important?

In Howard Rheingolds book Net Smart we are faced with a question that few of us think to ask…am I using the Internet responsibly. The web has the ability both to take you to soaring heights, and bring you to the lowest of lows. This is what I feel the purpose of Net Smart is. Rheingold tries to open the readers eyes to see the full potential of what the Internet can be and the wasteful, sometimes even hurtful, way a lot of us are using it. For example, twitter can be used as this amazing way to collaborate and network with people, you would otherwise be unable to connect with, but it can also be a frivolous distraction from the physical world. This is also an important point made in Net Smart. We as users must be conscious of our virtual activity and remember that those emails or updates can wait. The real world is what’s important and the virtual one should be used to better our life in the physical world rather than inhibit our involvement in it. I love the part of the book where he says we should ask ourselves if we really need to be on the Internet right now? This just reminds me of something I heard one of the women on the view say when they were talking about being on your phone. She said she asks herself “is this really more important than spending time with my kids?” I think that type of thought is on the right track. The web is not meant to replace real life, simply to supplement it.