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Down Memory Lane

I remember hay in my hair.

I remember my first kiss, we were at the buses and he accidentally kissed my ear.

I remember acne

I remember listening to elvis on on my walkman.

I remember hiding in my room at my dads and him coming in to ask what was wrong; I always said I was tired.

I remember singing hymns with my grandma

I remember biting my nails

I remember Michael Jordan

I remember kissing my husband until 11 on the beach, ignoring my mom’s angry phone calls.



Outlets have a distinct shape. The three pronged American version is meant to resemble the face of a man, so that the user may feel comforted. When connected their device an illusion of a natural source is in the image of themselves reflected on the plug.



August 3, 2005

I am contaminated by whats been done to me.

August 4, 2005

If only I could peel away the putrid flesh engrossing my body; bleed out the poison. Beauty blossoms deep within only to be lost among fear. The walls have collapsed leaving the path destroyed.

August 5, 2005

Where does love go when it has gone? Perhaps it was never there. There is no way to go back now.

August 6, 2005

Pain always finds a way of seeping out. Maybe if people were asking I wouldn’t feel like sharing the secret so badly. I would say “don’t you feel bad now for not noticing?”

August 7, 2005

If only I could collapse inside myself.