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Crawling on hands and knees, this tunnel stretches through eternity.



He wades along the shore, living off the sea, never feeling the hot sand between his toes.

Down Memory Lane

I remember hay in my hair.

I remember my first kiss, we were at the buses and he accidentally kissed my ear.

I remember acne

I remember listening to elvis on on my walkman.

I remember hiding in my room at my dads and him coming in to ask what was wrong; I always said I was tired.

I remember singing hymns with my grandma

I remember biting my nails

I remember Michael Jordan

I remember kissing my husband until 11 on the beach, ignoring my mom’s angry phone calls.


Outlets have a distinct shape. The three pronged American version is meant to resemble the face of a man, so that the user may feel comforted. When connected their device an illusion of a natural source is in the image of themselves reflected on the plug.